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What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.
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🔰SIGN UP : https://r.gogominer.workers.dev/?7101798906943976498905=wM2MzN

VIDEO(ENG) : https://youtu.be/3ZHXVP24UGA

VIDEO(SPA) : https://youtu.be/tYp_emLfvfk

JOIN : https://www.facebook.com/groups/GOMINER.IN.US/

✅14 Days Free Electricity Trial or Gominer Fees Trial


✅Minimum Deposit

  • There are no minimum deposit in our Wallet system but the minimum purchase for Hashpower is 10$.

✅Minimum Withdrawal

  • We strive to have no withdrawal fees for withdrawal but to avoid excessive paying a Blockchain network Fee's, There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.0001 BTC

📷How Gominer Works?

1. Buy Gotoken (GT)

Register and Buy Gotoken from our Pre-sale and have a chance to save up to 100% and avail the big discount from each succeeding rounds.

2. Start Mining using your GT:

Purchase a hashpower using your Gotokens and earn GT and Bitcoins Daily. All-new mining contracts have one year validity and with a FREE 14 days electricity fee.

3. Pay as You Go System

Pay only what you use, Compare to other cloud mining. we offer a very short contract as 2 weeks, Pre pay or Add Days later if you think your mining are profitable.

4. Stake or Withdraw your profits

Mining starts instantly right after you purchase your mining contract.
Stake your earnings or Withdraw earnings without a fee.

What is Gominer?

Founded in 2017, Gominer embarked to be one of the best cryptocurrency cloud mining provider in the industry. Gominer is a group of programmers who are pioneer investors in cryptocurrency business. As our company grew, Additional professionals is added in our company to give our clients the best service they deserve.

Our company is located on Ottawa, Canada which has the access to the cheapest power source providers in the world together with a cold season which is perfect for mining. Our company also outsourced multiple clean energy provider for additional power source for greater power efficiency, thus, with lower power cost and more profit gains.

What is GoToken?

Gotoken is a digital cryptocurrency, Based on SCRYPT (POS) with a total supply of 4,000,000,000.

Can i withdraw my earnings without an investment?

  • Yes You will need to reinvest your earnings until you meet the minimum hashpower to withdraw, The minimum hashpower is 4.5TH (4534 GH) or you will need to Invite a people by sharing your Invite link, you will gain up to 20% of Commision and 10% of their purchase will be transfer to you (GT). You can either Stake or Reinvest your Bounty Commision to have a Priviledge to use the Transfer Earnings( From Mining earnings ).

  • The Limitation for non investor users are only the Transfer Mined earnings from Earnings Vault,
    All Features and such a withdraw/send to other BTC wallet are usable.

ADDRESS : Ottawa-St. Laurent Blvd St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa K1G 5L1, Canada

TEL : +1 581 500-9871

EMAIL : support@gominer.co

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